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I knew from the start that she was going to misuse that money, her story didn't make that much sense. This all happened in my state, Arizona.  Shanesha Taylor is a woman who was "Homeless" along with her kids and had no job, cant make ends meet. She went to this interview but decided to leave her kids in the car. Now do you know how hot it gets in Arizona, it averages at 100-110 degrees. On a bad day, it goes 120+!  So yeah her kids would be dead pretty quickly if somebody didn't see them and call the police.  So thats completely her ass and she should be punished.
The police get her and she's off to jail. Heres her famous mug shot that had soooo many people feeling sorry for her enough to donate $114,000.

She got over 100 grand for something that she did wrong. Now people would defend her saying "Oh she had no choice. She was all alone and living in the streets. Her babys daddy didn't help her" Oh we will get to her baby daddy soon..

Anyway the courts say that they will drop the charges if she puts 60,000 of that money in a trust fund for her kids, takes parenting classes and gets a job. Now wow that sounds like a wonderful deal. But she had a better deal.

She took that money to buy herself designer clothes, acts like a diva in front of everyone, buys weaves and shit. She also used the money to support her baby daddies studio time to finish his rap album and she let him move in with her. You know, the same guy who didn't give you a home and left you to pity around in the streets ALONG WITH AT LEAST ONE OF HIS KIDS? Oh yes… She went there. She doesn't care about her kids, she was crying her ass off because she was about to hauled off to prison. Ok two things. What is up with a lot of people wanting to be rappers? If you didn't catch anyones attention the first time, your not going go anywhere. Second off, why would you help this guy when you know he will dump your ass on the streets again as soon as that money is gone? Idiots I swear to god.

Now what about the jobs? She was offered a crap load of jobs. Literally people were coming to her and saying "We want you".  Guess what she said.
No this isn't enough. She literally said "Oh well. I like hospitality so I don't want to work. I didn't hear that anyone wants me "personally". My friends handle the calls and I didnt get a notice :) ". She refuses to explain what she did with the money. It seems like all the money is gone since she is using a public defender, still has no new car and shit. Some speculate that she used it on drugs. She actually had the nerve to tell the court "Well I cant put 60,000 in the trust fund, how about 20-30,000?" WTF? I wonder how her kids look like since she looks ghetto fabulous. Im sorry, she acts no different then a hoodrat. I never understood why single mothers would put their baby daddies or what they want over their children.

This girl actually had the nerve to make another donation drive so people can help her pay for the public defender and legal expenses shit plus whatever extra can go straight to what she wants because she knows that donation drives are a hustle. She can get some easy money that way, just put on the alligator tears. Knowing how people on the internet will give money to a crying woman on a drop of a hat, I wouldn't be surprised if she got more money.

So in a nutshell...


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